Benefits of Having Contract Staff

Tired of having low billable time due to back office responsibilities? Having a tough time getting and keeping good support staff? B2 Management & Consulting, LLC is a unique professional services firm offering customizable solutions to fit your specific needs. Our team model assists companies with financial, recruiting and human resources needs. We offer over 30 years of expertise in management and industry experience to support you and your company. To increase your focus on the money making part of your business, sign up for the download.

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​Focus On Your Business, Not Staffing

“Take the stress out of hiring staff for your law firm. Call B2 Legal. My legal assistant and I made a decision to get help from B2 Legal the last time we needed to fill a part time accounting position at our firm. After communicating our hiring needs and approving a Craig’s List ad we were able to go back to work serving our clients and making money. We were not distracted by voluminous resumes flooding our email in boxes. B2 Legal sifted through the candidate resumes, did initial phone screening interviews and even handled the first round of in person interviews. They kept us posted on their progress along the way, requested our input as needed and stayed on task until the perfect candidate was interviewed and hired. It was better than having our own in-house HR professional and very cost effective in terms of dollars spent and time saved. We will definitely give them a call next time we have a position to fill.”

Donna Brown
Director and President
Law Office of Donna Brown