B2 IT Managed Services

In the same way that your clients rely on you for legal expertise, our clients trust in our knowledge of technology and financial systems. We are committed to protecting them from costly IT issues, as well as planning for the future of their law firm.

In order to do so, we are constantly training and vetting technology options for our law firm clients. B2 is pleased to announce that as of May 23, 2018, Brenda Barnes, Debra Cotter, and Rita Reyes are certified to implement Centerbase.

The reason why this is so important is because Centerbase is the first tool that not only delivers, but exceeds the capabilities you have become accustomed to in your current Timeslips/QuickBooks system. Which means for the first time, we are confident that we can move your law firm into a secure cloud environment, without disrupting your practice. Centerbase is the first affordable cloud environment that is fully integrated with both time/billing and accounting!  No more double entry to QuickBooks!

Our Clients Who Have Switched to Centerbase:

“The Time entry app has been great.   It is easy to use and allows you to enter time when you are away from the office and your computer.  The voice dictation component is nearly spot on.   Other than a few industry terms it picks up everything correctly.” Buck Benson, Managing Partner, Barton Benson Jones PLLC

“Centerbase provides an outstanding user experience. Easy to use and provides customizable reports. I love the PDA capabilities, including ability to input hours!” David Reiter, Partner, Reiter Brunel & Dunn, PLLC

“The user interfaces in Centerbase are easy to navigate and the system runs fast.  Training in the use of the system took only a few hours.  It’s a vast improvement over what we were using before.” Mike Dunn, Partner, Reiter Brunel & Dunn, PLLC