Outsourcing your back office is no longer a luxury exclusive to large law firms.


In fact, more and more small law firms are turning to Business Process Outsourcing to increase their cost savings and provide better customer service to their clients. Not only will you have more time for your clients, but also an increase in efficiency, a decrease in cost and a significant advantage in the marketplace.

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Did your bookkeeper quit?

So many times law firms are left in a lurch because one person had all the day to day operational knowledge and then they are gone leaving lawyers rudderless and lost. At B2, we have a team of experts to provide you priceless peace of mind knowing that your practice is being managed 24/7 by individuals you come to know and trust.

Overhead too high?

No question the cost of doing business is going up. Why waste valuable resources hiring employees who come with a host of mandated expenses? Take advantage of the benefits technology affords in this day and age and eliminate the need for internal staff for daily operations that B2 is expert in handling.

Is your Paralegal overloaded?

There is no greater inefficiency in a law office than overburdening an employee with non-billable tasks when they should be adding to your revenue. Having a paralegal wear too many hats ultimately hurts your clients and lowers morale. Let B2 take those time consuming operational tasks off your paralegal’s plate so they can do what they do best: take care of your clients and make you money.

B2 is here to help you as much or as little as you need, but there is no greater cost savings than our Plug In and Practice bundled service. Allow us to take care of your accounting, billing and payroll for a low monthly flat fee! In addition, we can offer you significant savings in our billing and bookkeeping software. Happy with your current software? No problem – our accounting staff is proficient in many software applications making the transition seamless. Not interested in the bundled service option? We are happy to price out your services on an hourly basis.

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