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B2 Management & Consulting is your office management solution. Our goal is to take care of you while you take care of your clients. From opening up a new law firm to enhancing the efficiency of an established practice, we bring over 35 years of market expertise and industry experience to support you in the daily operation of your law firm.

We recognize that it doesn’t always make practical sense for small law firms to support a full time Accountant, Bookkeeper, Controller, or Office Manager. B2 can offer those services to you on an outsourced basis and assist you as little or as much as you determine. Daily bookkeeping, managing Human Resource issues or making sure you are compliant with the latest regulatory issues are just some of the many ways B2 can be your administrative partner. We are here to make you as efficient as you can be and help you reach your revenue goals.


Each year, 70% of law firms have a need to outsource staff in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, Human Resources and Controller tasks. Let B2 be the resource you can depend on. Our new Plug In and Practice business model allows you to have all of your back office needs managed under one umbrella thereby increasing the efficiency of your practice while allowing you more time to focus on your clients. Imagine having accounting, billing, payroll, insurance and compliance all taken care of by experts in the industry with over 30 years’ experience. Peace of mind is priceless!

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