As you know, the Austin City Council passed an ordinance that will require private companies with employees working in the City of Austin to provide between 48 and 64 hours per year of paid sick leave to employees.

In addition to providing leave, employers must give employees written notice of their paid sick leave rights and provide monthly statements informing them of the time they have remaining.

Julie Ellison B2 Human Resources Consultant

Julie Ellison B2 Human Resources Consultant

Employers must grant an employee one hour of earned sick time for every 30 hours worked in the City of Austin up to an annual cap. The annual cap depends on the size of the employer. Broadly stated, employers with 16 or more employees in Austin are required to provide at least 64 hours of earned sick time. Employers with 15 or fewer employees are required to provide 48 hours of earned sick time.

With the new ordinance going into effect October 1, 2018, now is the time to check your employee handbook and policies as part of your Spring cleaning. Make sure you have a paid time off or sick leave policy and that it complies with the new ordinance.

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