Chances are very good that you or someone you know has been affected by a cyber attack.  In 2015 alone, nearly 300 million records were leaked and over $1 billion stolen.  No one is immune – even the White House was hacked revealing the President’s schedule and sensitive policy debates.The attacks have occurred across all industries and the consequences can be devastating.  Now the spotlight is on law firms…and you don’t have to be a law firm to be concerned.

Holly Coe Business Development Director

Holly Coe
Business Development Director

This week, the Wall Street Journal reported that hackers had broken into the computer networks at 2 dozen leading U.S. law firms.  The law firms were alerted in recent months, but the breaches occurred last summer.  The length of time from breach to discovery and disclosure may be alarming, but it is not surprising.  According to Mark Sangster of eSentire – an industry leader in Cyber Security – the number of cyber attacks against law firms has increased steeply over the last year.  Cybercriminals seeking a large payload have quickly realized the extraordinary data cache that all law firms – big or small – possess and may be using the information to front-run trade in the market.  The scariest statistic?  23% of those law firms did not know they had even been breached.

The ABA has now issued guidelines and recommendations to its members to help law firms improve their ability to meet regulatory recommendations related to cybersecurity, data protection and incident response.  Other industries have had those regulatory requirements in place for some time now.  Have you checked to see if your business or law firm is in compliance?

The story is hopefully a wakeup call for everyone.  Now is the time to re-think your security strategy.  It is no longer a matter of “if”, but “when.”  Regardless of size, budget and resources, technology is not enough.  Continuous monitoring and embedded incident response are imperative to prevent a targeted attack.

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