In 2015, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Every Business is a Technology Business.” The article went on to state… “whether it’s taxi cabs or taco

Brenda Barnes, CPA

Brenda Barnes, CPA

delivery, today’s enterprises are urgently figuring out ways to manage the growth of information technology and to turn its disruptive potential to their advantage. Algorithms direct our doctors and instruct our farmers. They will increasingly guide nearly every function in the modern enterprise.”

After attending the recent talk on Cyber Ethics presented by Jim Calloway (Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Management Assistance Program), I felt compelled to remind our attorney friends the importance of not shying away from the technology tools that are no longer a convenience, but in many instances, mandatory.

Unencrypted email is not secure: 99% of us use email every day even though unencrypted email is not secure. Unencrypted emails (including attachments) go across the Internet as plain text which is a lack of confidentiality or security. The Texas Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act requires any entity conducting business in Texas to inform its customers when their data is compromised in a data breach. But, if the information is encrypted, no notification is required under either this law or HIPAA (unless encryption is compromised).

Security in the Cloud: Remember “Cloud computing is a fancy way of saying stuff is not on your computer. It’s on a company’s server – or many servers – all over the world.” (Byte Rights, Maximum PC). Using a properly vetted business partner to secure confidential information can be viewed as outsourcing security to those more qualified and responsive. There are many cloud ethics opinions around the U.S. that support such practice management software.

Digital Client Files: The paperless office is now the standard for efficient operations. There are numerous benefits to digitizing your practice. Ease of access to files and documents; savings on document storage; protection of client files in the case of a disaster and so on.

These are only a few of the topics that were covered in Mr. Calloway’s presentation. If you and your law firm are utilizing technology in your practice, then you are ahead of many of your colleagues. If you are not and are ready…… call B2. Together with our technology partners, we can help you move your practice into the 21st century. Your clients and the courts are going to demand it.

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