Last month, we talked about how business leaders can transform the culture in their workplace for the better through philanthropy. Charitable acts are more than writing a check. They provide an opportunity for employees to join together in endeavors greater than themselves. And the results are overwhelmingly positive when companies have strong connections to their communities and employees have a chance to do something together that makes a difference.

Stephanie Tracey

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, B2 has made a personal commitment to “10 Give Backs” this year. Every community has organizations and people in need. We welcome you to join us as we give back, get involved and make a difference! Encouraging and supporting philanthropy within your own workplace starts a domino effect with nothing but good results!

This month, we’d like to spotlight our second Give Back through our own B2 Staff Accountant: Stephanie Tracey. Stephanie’s story is nothing short of a miracle and it is so motivating to hear her speak of a cause that is near and dear to her heart for so many reasons: Team Luke Hope for Minds.

This organization started because of a little boy who suffered a brain injury and cardiac arrest after a golf cart accident. He went through numerous surgeries and physical therapy sessions. Along his road to recovery, his parents were devastated by not only their child’s struggle, but also the financial burden that came with it. Their despair turned to action when they started Team Luke Hope for Minds to help families with similar struggles both emotionally and financially. Through this organization, there are now support groups for parents with children that have suffered major head injuries as well as adult support groups for those that have survived a head/brain injury. And they provide precious funds for those in financial need.

This organization is significant to Stephanie because she herself is a traumatic brain injury survivor and personally knows how hard it is to go through that kind of ordeal. On January 6, 2009, Stephanie hopped into her car without putting on her seatbelt. The car accident she had that day left her with a traumatic brain injury and in a coma for 2 weeks. Upon waking up, she knew she would survive, but was also told that she would need to learn to walk, talk, and eat all over again. She received excellent care, but it did not make the hospital bills less shocking. Although there are resources out there to provide aid, there is nothing to cover it all when the injury is that severe.

And that’s where Team Luke Hope for Minds comes in. To learn more, check out And if you like to play golf, consider supporting this great organization on April 22nd when they hold their 9th Annual Golf Tournament at Onion Creek Golf Club.

It only takes a little to help a lot.

Please join B2 in making a contribution to Team Luke Hope for Minds or any cause that is meaningful to you. The point is to give. The reward is knowing that you made a difference.

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