In planning an office move consider these steps in your overall plan –
Moving is a great time to “clean up”. Set aside time for everyone to use a recycle container at their desk and load it up with excess supplies – things that have accumulated over the last 10+ years. On RECYCLE DAY, several weeks in advance of the move, pick up all of the containers and begin to sort through what is useable and what needs to be trashed. You will be surprised with the amount of unused office supply inventory hoarded over time.

Prior to your move send out change of address notification to all vendors, to the IRS, State Bar, Secretary of State, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, etc. Remember also change of address on your website, personal signature blocks, macro for letterhead, and business cards.

Create teams for the move. Spread responsibility amongst all employees so the small details are accounted for throughout the organization.

Depending on the size of your staff, conduct one or more tours of the new space before you move in. This is a good way to alleviate some surprises on the first day and answer questions you may not have thought of.

Create an online information guide to the new building and the new space. Think through access to the garage, how to find parking, security codes needed, evacuation routes, and building rules and guidelines

In the new office space, leave a large plastic trash bag in each office and at each work- station for the disposal of packing materials. This allows ease of clean up after boxes are unpacked and a normal workday begins. .

B2 Move Coordinators can handle everything from initial planning to complete execution of an office move by anticipating your needs, expectations and project schedule with all your groups involved the move.

Carol has over 33 years of management experience. She was Executive Director of Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody for 15 years. Carol’s experience includes management of the operational departments of the law firm, specific focus on financial strategies and analyses, and management of a large tenant finish out project.Carol graduated from the University of Houston with a BBA degree and is a Certified Public Accountant. Prior to her work at Graves Dougherty she was an entrepreneur operating a commercial construction sub-contracting firm, controller of an oil field supply company and vice president of a savings and loan association.

Carol specializes in managing the operations aspect of a project, including detailed work planning, effective change management , and resource allocation for B2 clients. She can serve as your out-sourced COO in analyzing operational costs and efficiency, creating and planning business development events, creating a new office or moving an existing office.

Carol enjoys running, yoga, baking, and traveling.
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