Of the numerous challenges facing today’s employers, one continues to stand out: find, acquire and retain talent. Why? Talented employees are in limited supply, and very much in demand.

That’s why recruiting these employees can be quite costly, especially for smaller employers who lack the resources of larger employers.

Brenda Barnes, CPA, Managing Principal

Brenda Barnes, CPA – Managing Principal

So it would stand to reason that if talent is hard to find, shouldn’t employers do everything they can to retain them? In concept, the simple answer is yes.

In practice, things may turn out otherwise. Employers are anxious to hire talented employees, but sometimes reluctant to commit adequate resources to retain them. Do you see the contradiction?
So why do companies fail to accommodate the expectations of their talented employees? Because they are reluctant to spend time and money that may end up subsidizing their own competition.
Mentoring and coaching require a great deal of time, for both the mentor and the apprentice. Formal training is costly and requires paid time off from work for the employees involved.

According to a Forbes article on this subject: “Employers are understandably reluctant to make big investments in workers who might not stay long, but this creates a vicious circle: Companies won’t train workers because they might leave, and workers leave because they don’t get training.”

For 6 years, B2 has assisted clients with human resources management which includes compensation, benefit & cultural assessments. To compliment the HR division, B2 will be launching a new RECRUITING DIVISION, to assist companies with the hiring process – and finding the talent.

For more information on our process & fees, contact our Business Development Director, Holly Coe.

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