There are many facets to running your back office efficiently. We all know that your administrative team is frequently viewed as overhead. Short-sighted thought? Yes, but nevertheless, often the reality.

There are many things the pandemic did positively for the legal industry. The big spotlight on technology infrastructure (or the lack thereof) provided work-life balance to many (not really to working mothers), necessitating the ability to perform many administrative duties remotely.

Now that many law firms have returned to their offices, it is time for the managing partner and firm administrators to sharpen their pencils. Do you need an accounting department that looks the same post-pandemic when compared to pre-pandemic? Many functions can be outsourced and save your firm time and money. Where outsourcing used to make sense for only smaller firms, many large law firms are moving toward outsourcing certain portions of their accounting and billing department, if not all. A firm’s ebilling/LEDES clients can be your first step in using a company that specializes in law firm accounting and billing. Accounts Payable can be a second function to consider when outsourcing.

B2 Management & Consulting has been serving the legal community for 13 years. We have a team of professionals that can handle your back office needs.

Sharpen your pencils, and then give B2 a call.

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Published On: July 20th, 2022 / Categories: B2 News Tips /