I heard this statement long ago by one of my wise mentors and have always kept it close as I have advised attorneys and built my own company. It is often so easy to do – focus on the small stuff and forget about the big picture! So how can you avoid that pitfall? Two things come to mind for your consideration: 1) why outsourcing makes sense and 2) why web-based practice management software is the future to modernizing your practice.

Brenda Barnes, CPA

First – Outsourcing. It’s budget time for many of you. If you are personally handling your bookkeeping, billing & payroll, you are losing money. Let’s do the math on this. If you are an attorney or a paralegal, your billing rate is much higher than our billing rate. You can increase your revenue simply by focusing on your passion – the law! And letting B2 focus on our passion – the numbers! B2 is your back-office management solution. We have the expertise and the experience necessary to effectively manage your practice while you grow it.

Second – Practice Management Software. Inefficiencies in a law firm are often caused by outdated or ineffective technology. We had so many clients that use cloud delivery of their document management and practice management systems, that we were on the hunt to find a solution. We found it in Centerbase. B2 became a certified partner to Centerbase software for many reasons, but primarily because it was the first practice management software that was stronger than Clio and also delivered a fully integrated accounting package. From workflows to the newly released Case Chat, Centerbase continues to deliver on new product features. Centerbase also offers an app where you can dictate your time to any of your devices.

The savings to your firm in the first 30 days alone, will pay for your subscription to Centerbase! And it’s not a software for just small firms – Centerbase’s client roster of large clients continues to grow. Why? Because it is that good.

We would love to show you a demonstration of Centerbase or discuss with you how B2 can benefit you and your back-office. If you would like to schedule a time to see Centerbase, please book a time on my calendar below!

Time to pick up those dollars!

I can show you how! Please contact me at bbarnes@b2-mgmt.com or 512-381-1500, ext. 105

Brenda Barnes

As a full-service management consulting firm, B2 partners with our clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated needs. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, we can assist you in growing your business in a strategic way and help prepare you for the future.

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