Brenda Barnes, CPA – Managing Principal

The word is out! Our Plug and Practice business model was just announced in The Huffington Post!

Huffington Post Article – Read it Here

The huge economic advantage of outsourcing your back office needs is not news, but the seamless transition due to the advances in technology is. No longer is it an overwhelming task that takes time away from your practice to make the transition. At B2, we have the proven expertise necessary to manage every aspect of your day to day business operations giving back to you the critical time you need to take care of your clients.

We are your business partner and it is our goal to help you achieve your revenue goals more efficiently. Our Plug and Practice model provides you with time and billing software, accounting services, billing, payroll, human resources, insurance and recruiting.

Starting your own firm? Bookkeeper retiring? Books are in a mess? Whatever your reason, we are here to help.

The business of your practice just got easier! Call B2 and let us help.

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