Our employee spotlight turns to Stephanie Tracey, Accountant at B2 Management & Consulting based in Austin, Texas. We are grateful for Stephanie’s dedication and commitment to exceptional customer service. Help us congratulate Stephanie, a B2 Boundless Leader! Learn more about Stephanie and B2 below.

What do you like most about B2?
Working for B2 has been the best experience! I could not have imagined working for anyone that would offer so much support and positivity to add to my professional and personal life. There is a great sense of community and family with this amazing group!

What have you gained from working at B2?
I have gained so much knowledge to better myself and further my career from accounting software’s to the most efficient and effective ways to do things.

Why do you believe an exceptional customer service experience is crucial?
Exceptional customer service is crucial in any type of business to maintain success and a great reputation. It is even more important when handling a client’s financials to let them feel at ease when there is uncertainty and comfortable in trusting my assistance with it all.

How has B2 helped you in your career development?
I could not name only ONE specific person with B2 that has helped me with my career development. The support has been there since day one and continues today from B2’S company owner Brenda Barnes to each B2 staff accountant.

Before working at B2, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
Before B2 the most interesting job I ever had would probably be bartending at biker bars all over Houston. Never a dull moment as you could imagine and lots of fun too.

What is your favorite quote, motto or personal mantra?
My favorite quote or saying is “It is what it is”. That may not sound like the most positive or “inspirational” quote but it is realistic like myself. This saying keeps me calm when other are not at the moment. It also helps me hold everything together when clients are stressed with business. I can take a step back, look at the big picture, and assist in making everything feel less stressful and taken care of.

What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?
If I had not chosen the career path I am on with B2 I would have liked to be a singing comedic tattoo artist veterinarian…what can I say? I am into a lot a of things! PS I cannot sing. PSS I would not tattoo animals…just myself.

What charities or organizations do you love supporting, and why?
I would love to support any organization that helps mentally and/or physically disabled people. It is important to me because of my personal experience having a traumatic brain injury. I am blessed beyond measure to be where I am today. Many are not able to mentally or physically recover or live the life I have been able to.

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